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Kobo and other e-book readers


To download an eBook, you need to :

  • have a valid library card;
  • have Internet access;
  • be registered with your library's online catalogue;
  • have an Adobe ID;
  • download Adobe Digital Editions;
  • use Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer 9 or more as your browser.

Check out and download an eBook

Go to the library's website and browse the catalogue. When you have found the title you are looking for, click the link to the digital resource. In the identification page that opens, enter your library card number and your password in the appropriate boxes.

In the book page, click '' Borrow ''.

If you are carrying out the transaction from a public work station, you will have to e-mail yourself the download link and open it on your own device. If you are carrying out the transaction from your own device, click '' Download ''. You will receive a file called '' URLLink.acsm ''. Save this file to your computer and open it in Adobe Digital Editions.

Transfer the eBook to your eReader

Plug your eReader into your computer with a USB cable. You will see your eReader appear in Adobe Digital Editions to the left of the screen. Drag-and-drop your book to your eReader.

Return an eBook before the end of the loan period

To return an eBook before the end of the loan period, select the book in Adobe Digital Editions. Right-click and, in the scroll-down menu, click '' Return borrowed item '' (Restituer l'élément emprunté). If you wait for the end of the loan period rather than returning the book early, the eBook will be automatically deleted and returned.