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General navigation

All you need to browse the website can be found in the Home page.

In the upper banner click on the link Home to go back to the Home page. The link General help gives you access to the Help pages. You will also find the link Français to browse the French version of the website. Click the Sign out link to securely leave the website.

The search engine is located on the right hand side, in the upper banner, and is always visible for easy access.A link to the advanced search engine is located beneath the search engine textbox.

The categories are displayed in the left hand side of the page, again, for an easy access to your favorite documents.

In the right hand side column, you can read news or articles on events and activities taking place in your library. Click on the title of the news to display the complete article.

Click on the title or the cover image of a document to open its product page. You will find the complete bibliographical records, summary and detail on its availability.