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Borrow an ebook

The product page

You can borrow an ebook by going to the document's product page. Go to product page by clicking on the title or the cover image of the document you wish to borrow.

The product page displays the bibliographical info, the summary, and the number of available copies.

If one or more copies of a book are available, you can click on the Borrow button.

To borrow an ebook

When you click the Borrow button, a window opens. You MUST confirm your intention of borrowing the document. This step is essential since the borrowing process is irreversible.

Confirm your intention by clicking the OK button.

A new window opens. If you are borrowing an ebook from a public work station or computer, you MUST send the downloading link by email to your personal address. Type your email address in the textbox and click on Send.

If you a borrowing an ebook from your personal computer or mobile device, click on Download.

For more info regarding the downlaoding process using mobile devices, please see the help page for each device.